Lyndon B Johnson Chapter Summaries

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Part I: Alliances
Chapter 1: It’s Not Who You Know; It’s Who You Get to Know
This chapter emphasizes the importance of one on one conversation. Lyndon B. Johnson was an expert at this strategy called “retail politics.” It is approaching a person one at a time because it makes a relationship and bond grow by one individual at a time. Johnson would learn everything about every single person which enabled him to be so successful. Johnson took this retail politics and it was later called the “Johnson Treatment.” Johnson made every person feel extremely crucial and every problem they had was very important to him. Johnson made every person feel like they had a great significance in Johnson’s life. He cared for others feelings and problems very …show more content…

Acting like a winner can give you positivity and motivation you need to actually win. Bill Clinton acted like a winner his entire campaign and ended up being president. Every problem can be made into a joke and turned around into an affirmative direction. By hanging a lantern on your problem, you can then utilize a spin. Nixon and his illegal trust situation was happening, he gave a famous speech called “Checkers.” He talked on his behalf about his personal worth (putting a lantern on your problems) and then “spinning” it with saying all politicians should give a list of their assets.

Chapter 12: “The Press Is the Enemy”
Be careful who you talk to because you never know who is going to hear. Keeping a clean mouth and not exposing or saying anything you wouldn’t want other people to know is a bad mistake. Especially if you talk to the media because the media was slur your words and make up an entire different story than you told them. It is important to be professional and clear when speaking to the media. It could ruin your reputation and make you look very bad. The media wants the best most scandalous stories they can get their hands on. If it’s a candidate running for president and they got their hands on one of the best scandals around, that candidate could lose publicity and it can definitely hurt the image of the candidate. Earl Butz got caught telling an offensive racist joke about Rolling Stones; it does not matter if it was on/off record. It can still affect anyone who says anything offensive or

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