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Ever since the 20th century started, mankind has undergone many technological advancements. One of the most important is the invention of the computer. At first the computer weighed nearly thirty tons and took up a whole room; today we have computers that weigh an average of five pounds and can fit in a backpack. There are two types of computers Personal computer or known as a PC and a Macintosh. Personal computers and Macintosh have their unique qualities that make people want to buy them. They have been against each other for a long time and as time passes; they will keep improving and make it harder for consumers to choose, but which one is truly superior? Several factors such as cost, maintenance and customization and endless others can help you narrow down your choice. Cost plays an important role in determining your choice. Macintosh come in a variety of prebuilt systems,…show more content…
Maintenance is yet another element in your choice. When buying a computer, you hope that it won 't run into any complications for years to come. No computer is guaranteed to not run into problems during its life. With Macs, that have hardware problems, most of the time you can 't fix it your self; you 'll either have to send it back to get fixed or buy a new one. On the other hand, when it comes to PC; if you have hardware problems you can fix it yourself by buying the part and changing it. While PC 's are painless to fix, PC 's run into issues faster than a Mac would. Since Macs are only made by one manufacturer, the manufacturer can make sure that everything is correct and up to specifications. While PC 's virtually can be made by about just anyone, this can lead it to the PC to have problems faster than Mac. Another dilemma is that most PC 's use Windows as their operating systems. Although, Windows is a great operating system, it has a enhanced susceptibility to viruses than Mac 's operating system OS X. Therefore, increasing the probability of your computer crashing or

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