Persuasive Essay On Modern Computers

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I 'm not going to say that all of us have one or two outdated desktop computers rolling around the house. Some people have never been into computers, obviously. But, quite a few of us have a couple of these old machines that we just don 't want to get rid of. Call it being sentimental, but these desktops have served us well for a while and it doesn 't feel right just kicking them out.
On the other hand, there just isn 't much you can do with them anymore. The time ran them over in a sense, as they can no longer stand up to demands of modern technologies. That said, there are still a few interesting things you can use your old, loyal desktops for, before retiring them completely.
1. Teach yourself how computers really work
If you are someone who has an extra desktop kicking around, the odds are you are already into computers. However, this isn 't always the case. Perhaps you just got a new one as a gift or something, leaving the old one to collect dust. If that 's the case, you can put your retired desktop to great use by turning it into a learning station.
Experiment with your old machine
Do you keep giving money away to computer technicians to install the operating system and other software on your machine? Why not spend all that cash on something else and learn to do all this on your own?
Use your old computer to install different operating systems, explore various options. The worst case scenario, you break something and have to do it all over again. There is no real

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