Macbeth Journal Entry Essay

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The cacophonic cry of the shrieking bell alerted me to sneak forward. Silently, I strolled through the narrow hallway; taking care not to rouse anyone in their vivid dreams. I felt like an elusive rat, manoeuvring sleekly past obstacles to reach the end. The end – where I would find a succulent, luscious delight. Cheese. But this piece of cheese wouldn’t just temporarily satisfy my tastebuds. It would everlastingly arouse them, leaving a distinct, heavenly aftertaste that would remain there for the rest of my life. From here on I knew; the aroma of Duncan’s demise was nearby. Effulgent torches, attached onto the firm corridor wall lighted my path. The sight of my newly owned exquisite paintings, hanging above rich china tables pleased me. King Duncan must have surely not sensed any vermin creatures lurking within the luxury. I …show more content…

That shalt be king hereafter”. The witches’ ghastly squeals may have intimidated me. But it only motivated me to fulfil the prophecy. To go deeper. Deeper into the night’s treacherous embrace where I can at last regain my composure. I could feel the light weight of my legs moving swiftly towards the heart of the castle; like an agile rat scavenging for its food. My skin felt as if a furry coat of hair was laying over it; strained upwards in an attempt to trap in heat. The rough textured stone floor was finally met by a structured array of refined timber planks. I was one step closer to the cheese. My eyes suddenly protruded outwards as they locked onto a wide metal door – with rust covering its burnished doorknob. I assumed that this must’ve been the room for the servants. I reached for the corroded doorknob, only to tragically realise that it wasn’t turning. I felt the vigorous blood being pumped into my brain, as my veins struggled to remain intact. It looked like the servants were prepared for pests. My smooth, feeble-like hands dashed to the doorknob yet again, with a successful attempt at opening the door this

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