The Crescent Trail: A Short Story

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Peighton Senges The Colors of The Crescent Trail As I stepped out into the crisp,chilly air from the warmth of my mom’s Trailblazer, I had only two things on my mind: I think I might get hypothermia and I really hope that my dog doesn't eat a squirrel. Underneath my feet the hard gravel crunched as I made my way over to the worn path on which the sun cast beams of light that danced through sun bleached leaves of gold, ruby reds, and bold oranges. It all seemed too quiet except for the steady panting of my dog along the trail. Only a squirrel stirring up the leaves that caused my dog to bark or a gust a wind shaking the leaves from their homes made any sound. The woods started getting denser and the deeper you …show more content…

The trees had a deep, rich chocolate brown bark, speckled in the leftover rain that seemed to catch the light perfectly;like tiny stars.. The leaves were just starting to accumulate in immense piles that would soon be for jumping into and the bitter or should I say frigid negative twenty degree weather gave you a sneak peek at what the weather would be feeling like within a few months. It all stood as still as a statue, causing you to just pause and admire the intricate surroundings. As we started up the great and looming hill I noticed a little red and black polka dotted friend on my shoulder. “ I shall call you Fred” I said as I looked down at the newly named Fred perched on my shoulder. When we hit the summit of the hill we were greeted by this overlook which, when you looked out into Fairport; it was a sea of colors that had been painted across in swirls and swoops. But nothing gold can stay and within an instant as Fred came as quickly as he left and flew into the vast sea beneath me. What got me through the looming thought of still having to walk back down was many things. Pushing aside the sadness of Fred flying off and of the coldness of my fingers and toes, which were probably turning a nice shade of blue was the Pittsford Dairy that was waiting for me after. Slowly and carefully descending through the winding trail until I saw what I had been waiting for…. the end. The trees hung over on each side, making a doorway of colors with intertwining vines that I couldn't wait to cross. Through the doorway above and across the expanse of gravel I went to wait for the click of the unlocking car. As I stepped into the warmth and coziness of my mom’s car I had only two things on my mind: Fred the ladybug and Pittsford Dairy hot

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