Malaysia Airlines Case Study

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Until today, this incident is still affecting Malaysia Airlines in different aspects. Especially, on their corporate image, reputation and finance. Not only Malaysia Airlines, but the image and reputation of our country are also being affected because Malaysia Airlines have strong bonding with the government and they as a representative role stood out to speak for Malaysia Airlines. Malaysia government had given a very bad impression to others on their crisis management and crisis communications. Experts criticized their crisis management by saying “crisis in managing crisis” and “make a crisis worst” due to their failure in crisis communications. From the announcement delivered by Malaysian ministers, uncertainties loomed among them. For example, the time and reason they lost contact with the Flight 370, what happened to the flight and so on which is still an unknown until now. It can be understood that Malaysia Airlines need their time to figure out what was happening on the plane but at the moment when they confirmed lost contact with the flight after it took off not more than one hour, Malaysia Airlines should have to release a press statement immediately. Relatives of the 239 people on the flight had their rights to know this news at the first moment, no matter what happened and how reluctant were they. However, Malaysia Airlines took 6 hours to make this imperative and serious announcement caused the vital information had been lost because no one knew what
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