Who Is Bob Nardelli's Effective Communication?

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In the business world, professionals unavoidably communicate bad or disappointing news to their employees at times (Cardon, P.2013). One example is telling employees that they will be laid off for example, Chrysler CEO, Bob Nardelli (Cardon, P.2013). He had to deliver really bad news to the Chrysler work force. I am sure it was extremely stressful for him as a business professional (Cardon, P.2013). In other words, it was not enjoyable at all at the same time his goals should have been to deliver the message timely and to help the employees involved to maintain a positive concept of the organization (Cardon, P.2013). Delivering the news timely shows individuality on the managers part and can also strengthen employee relationships and lay the groundwork for added trust providing conditions improve (Cardon, P.2013). …show more content…

In other words, he was able to deliver his message to a greater number people at one given time (Cardon, P.2013). In order to make the written message more effectively he could have used the short buffer to soften the news and show sympathy (Cardon, P.2013). Notice five ways Chrysler CEO, Bob Nardelli could have delivered his message more effective (Cardon, P.2013). 1. Buffer: Bob Nardelli leaves out a buffer and focuses primarily on the loss of sales and the financial difficulties that the company is now facing (Cardon, P.2013). A buffer is an assertion to set up, common grounds, demonstration of appreciation, state your sympathy, express good- will (Cardon,

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