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Malcolm Turnbull was born on the 24th of October 1954. He is currently at the age of 63 years old. Malcolm Turnbull was born in Sydney Australia. Malcolm’s dads name was Bruce Bligh Turnbull. His dad died on the 11th of November
1982 in Gloucester. Malcolm’s dad was an electrician, which was handy in a quite poor family. Malcolm’s mum was named Coral Lansbury. Coral died on the 3rd of April 1991. As an occupation Coral was a novelist. Malcolm has a son and a daughter. Malcolm Turnbull has gone through a tough childhood considering he was abandoned by his mother and experienced loneliness at school. For primary school Malcolm Turnbull was educated at Vaucluse Primary
School. In high school he was educated Sydney Grammar School. 20 years
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The impact Malcolm Turnbull has made is that he has made the country safe for everyone in Australia. As you may know he’s made many promises to
Australia and has made them reality.
Malcolm Turnbull was always interested in law, debating and politics and still is. He always studied these three subjects as well as others.
I chose Malcolm Turnbull because he has made Australia a safer country for the public. He has made some good decisions for our country.
Malcolm Turnball is Australia’s prime minister at the moment. When he was a child or in his young adult years he was a student who experienced a lot of loneliness at school.
Malcolm Turnbull is kind, caring, intelligent, respects others, gives honesty and can be trusted to make good decisions.
There are many candidates that do not agree with Malcolm Turnbulls decisions. Malcolm Turnbull is different since he is like no prime minister. He doesn't want what’s best for him, but he wants the best for Australia, and nothing will stop him from doing what he’s doing.
Since Malcolm Turnball became prime minister in 2015 he has made

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