Malcolm X's Speech The Black Revolution

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Newspaper Entry of Malcolm X’s speech “The Black Revolution” Marco Brundler 10/01/2015 Malcolm X had a very significant role in society, mostly in the 1970’s. He was known very well for his radical ideas and Muslim views. He was very convincing towards the crowd due to his use of rhetoric techniques. The speech, “The Black Revolution”, uses many examples such as agitation, propaganda, rhetorical schemes, and alliteration. The main idea of the speech he presented to onlookers at a church called Abyssinian Baptist Church, was to target the audience’s emotions. Using rhetorical devices, he was able to engage in their emotions; this method was very effective. His speech spoke about the international affairs happening around the 1960’s. Around this time, America was busy with the Cold War and secretly involved in the Vietnamese War. Another big issue in society was the inequality between minorities and whites. During this period of time, many people believed in equality for all, and…show more content…
A man called Dr.Powell invited him to the Abyssinian Baptist Church (church where he directed the speech “The Black Revolution”). The members of this church did not share the same points of view as to those of Malcolm’s. This is the main reason why Malcolm decided to present his speech there. His goal in this speech was to persuade individuals of this church to complete the widespread segregation. He completed persuading him by stirring them up emotionally. The way he stirred them up emotionally was through agitation. All of this speech unethically attacks the idea of integration. An exert of his speech which backs this up would be, “Only a blind man will walk into the open embrace of his enemy, and only blind people, people who are blind to the truth about their enemies, will seek to embrace to integrate with that enemy.” This causes people which want to integrate, doubt their
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