Male Character In Raymond Carver's Short Stories

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Justina Josepha M.S
Male Character in Raymond Carver 's Short Stories Collection
A. Background
This study focuses on Raymond Carver 's works, especially on short stories. The focus would be on Carver 's four short stories collections which are Will You Be Quiet, Please? (1976), What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (1981), Cathedral (1983), and Where I 'm Calling from: New and Selected Stories (1988). Carver 's short stories mostly talk about family 's daily life events. With those daily life events, he shows the downside of family or marriage on relationships between lovers, husband and wife, parents and children, couple and another couple, and family and another family. The downsides are the characters ' experiences their
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It could be the trigger that made Carver created the male characters want a modification in male 's traditional role. His method is by showing and analyzing different kinds of masculinities in some of Carver 's stories, comparing Carver 's stories with his biography, and Hall found that masculinity crisis was experienced by Carver. Hall (2009) stated that Carver was tried to step out of the literary mainstream by writing stories such as disgruntled with daily life and ends up looking up to other 's belonging whether its "gender, sexual, class, or racial"(P.174). The statement was based on the story "Neighbors" (Carver, , as the male character Bill open all the Stones ' belonging from the kitchen to the Stones ' cupboard in their bedroom and bathroom, then he tries things such as Jim 's medicines, clothes, cigarettes, and also Harriet(woman) 's shoes. The character Bill is showed attracted to otherness which is fancier that don 't belong to him Hall sees "Fever"(p.175) as "revision" of the traditional narrative of a woman left by her ambitious husband; that a woman could have more than marriage and a family was rarely recognized in mainstream cultural texts until the…show more content…
Dirty Realism in Carver 's Work
In this journal, Kita(2014) considered Carver 's work as "dirty realism"(p.385) because he wrote stories about "the dark side of contemporary life "where Carver write about characters who live in disorder daily life where they feel the pain of their failed marriage and their life count as useless. Kita also explained more that dirty realism is a new force of American authors, where the characters are a neglected husband, thief, and an addict and the aim of this style is to create "realistic and sad destinies" (p.385) and by comparing with the background I have mentioned before, Carver 's male characters are matched with dirty realism character. By observing Carver 's work, Kita defined Carver 's characters, language, and style. She added that Carver 's stories are stories of "the middle-class" (p.387) which focus on more on their up-to-date appearance. She also included the major themes in Carver 's work where the characters are being delusional, as they consistent in drinking alcohol, being isolated or lonely, where in story like "Vitamins" the narrator feel lonely and cheat on his wife because his wife is too focused and stressed on selling her vitamins and then there are tragedy, inaction, detachment, alcoholism, communication, morality, masculinity as homophobia and epiphany. The genre dirty realism helps on interpreting what the male characters

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