Managerial Grid Comparison: Robert R. Blake And Jane Mouton

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Managerial Grid It is developed by US psychologists Robert R. Blake and Jane Mouton, and published in 1964; which is based on the two behavior dimensional managerial grid predicts five leadership styles. What are Blake and Mouton 's Managerial Grid? Blake and Mouton 's managerial grid is one of the best ways of understanding different management styles. Understanding the different styles of management helps a manager in not only understanding his assumptions, but also understands from his set of assumptions in situations that require him to do so. One way of understanding effective managerial behavior through the use of Blake and Mouton 's managerial grid. These are described on two behaviors: concern for people and concern for production. Blake and Mouton 's Managerial Grid Analysis THE TWO BEHAVIOR DEMENSIONS Concern for People: In which a leader is concerned about the well-being of his employees. If the needs and interests of the team members are considered, and work for personal development, the leader has high concern for people. On the grid, 'concern for people ' is y-axis. Axis ranges from 1 (Low) to 9 (High). Concern for Production: The 'concern for production ' behavior is plotted on the x-axis. This takes into consideration the importance that a leader focuses on productivity goals. The leader emphasis to achieving organizational goals and high productivity at any cost. Blake Mouton Managerial Grid Model: Leadership Styles On the grid, all

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