Mandatory Community Service In The United States

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Mandatory service in the United States would be met with complications. If there is one thing Americans value, it is our freedom. Our country was founded on it. If that freedom is taken, even for a brief period of time, there would be an uproar. Making community service something that people are forced to do undermines its purpose and value. People volunteer because they want to, they enjoy helping others and being rewarded themselves. Taking away that choice also takes away their willingness to work. Requiring a year of service would add quanity of workers, but reduce the quality of their work. People simply wouldn 't put in the same love and effort were they being forced to voluteer. While studies have shown that volunteering has positive health benefits, such as reduced stress and lower blood pressure, none of these studies were conducted on forced participants. Having someone perform tasks in an environment they didn 't choose, could potentially increase stress levels greatly. Additionally, many individuals would require training to perform their work, in order to avoid injury to themselves or others due to inexperience. …show more content…

People need to be able to provide for themselves and their families, which means they would need paid. For the time being, volunteers perform tasks without pay, during their own free time. Should that change, who would pay the volunteers. The finances of the government and the charities would soon be drained. The system works as it is because there is no one to pay all the additional volunteers that would be created should mandatory service be required of all citizens ages 18-30.People would also be needed to organize the volunteers. Currently these organizations are already put together and serving people. Forcing American citizens to perform a year of mandatory service would not benefit

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