Being A Veteran Essay

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Veteran’s all over the United States are retiring, getting less and less of the benefits that they used to. My brother was going to enlist and asked some people whether or not he should. They said they weren't going to tell him not to enlist, but they did say that it's not as beneficial as it was in the past. You don’t get as many benefits when you come back, as you used to. This isn’t something that should be happening. Why should you risk your life, but then be getting jipped out on the benefits that people in the past did?

When veterans retire from the military they get special benefits that help them as they go through life. As an american citizen, because they are now in the real world without a college degree. That is a big problem …show more content…

it was a way for veterans to get started in life. They give you 4 years of college and you choose what you major in. If you are a veteran you can apply for stuff like a veteran ID. Which allows your service to pay back. Buy getting you special discounts that some businesses will give to veterans. There were over 2 million people that were put into college on this. On the other hand If you have gotten wounded in the line of duty you may get better rewards. You got dental care and health care from …show more content…

Still they are helpful but should stuff really be getting worse for people who put their lives at risk. As weapons get more advanced the danger gets more real. As we move forwards the benefits move backwards. Some of these things consist of college but you can’t choose your degree. There are certain things that you have to major in. Some are business technical, flight training, and apprenticeship. There are more but not that much. but the old bill you get to choose what you major in. but one thing on the positive side is that this one gives you 250 semester credit but caps out at 4500 dollars. You still get dental care and health care and most of the other same benefits. But if you have to get forced into certain jobs and end up not liking it then that’s not fair for these

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