Foam Density Research Paper

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1 Foam density of mango puree
Foam density is commonly used to evaluate whipping properties. The more air incorporated during whipping, the lower the foam density as well as the more air present in the foam, the higher the whippability (Falade et al. 2003 Thuwapanichayanan et al., 2012). The foam density of Peter, John and Broken variety varied from 0.81 to 1.09g/cm3, 0.88 to 1.13g/cm3 and 0.89 to 1.13g/cm3 respectively. GMS concentration and whipping time were significantly affected by foam density. From the table above, foam densities decreased as GMS and whipping time increases up to 2.5% and 15minutes respectively. The reduction in foam densities of all the varieties at whipping time of 9min to 15min and addition of GMS concentration of
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(2003) who reported that the density of cowpea foam decreased steadily with increased whipping time and the concentration of the foaming agent (i.e., glyceryl monostearate and egg albumin), also Karim and Wei (1999) reported that as the concentration of methocel increased, the star fruit foam density…show more content…
According to Devries (1958), foam stability is influenced by the thickness of the interface, foam size distribution, interface permeability and surface tension. During drying, foam syneresis and/or foam collapse may occur. Syneresis would result in the separation of the juice (liquid phase) from the interface layer, and result in thinning of the interface which eventually leads to foam collapsing. Foam collapsing during aging is also due to gravity acting on the foam and the increase in foam size because small foams combine or merge together (Labelle, 1966). The importance of stiffed during drying is that the foamed pulp would not flow through the wire mesh support as well as it aids easy removal of the dried material from the tray. If foams break or drain excessively, drying time is increased, reducing product quality. On the other hand, excessively stable foams retain too many gas inclusions in the dry state. Upon reconstitution, these produce suds and opacity and reduce apparent color intensity (Hart et al.,

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