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Like most famous authors that we look at, they have all passed on, but Margaret Atwood not only has set herself up a legacy, but also continues to do so. She is a most beloved wife, mother and author. She, to this day, has written more than forty books of fiction, essays, and poetry. She started her studies at the age of sixteen and finished some seven years later. Margaret Atwood is a very well known Canadian author that has won numerous awards for her works. Although Margaret Atwood was very much influenced by the era she lived in (post- modernism), she also however was very much influenced by the other eras as well.
Post modernism occurred in the late 20th century after the so-called modernist era. This new era brought about a whole new …show more content…

It was also very big about individualism. If you read any of Atwood’s poems, you will see that she poses new thoughts and ideas that encourage creative thinking. She not only was influenced by her era, she brought forth an old era. As well as being a post modernist writer, Atwood is also a feminist writer. When she first became well know in the 1970’s, she was considered not just a role model and groundbreaker for Canadian writers, but for female writers as well. She spoke of the issues involved of gender in the world (Biography of Margaret …show more content…

She has added to our society of authors and has left people with an opened mind. As we have looked further into her writing, we have discovered that she was very much so influenced by the era she lived in, as well as the surround eras. She wasn’t a woman who closed her mind off to the world, but instead brought forth new concepts. Atwood portrays the idea that writing is all about displaying one’s point of view on matters. Despite the fact that Atwood was influenced very much by the era she lived in, I think it’s fair to say that the era was just as influenced by

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