How Did Langston Hughes's Resistance Movement Affect The Civil Rights Movement?

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Since the break of dawn, there have always been the dominant oppressor and the submissive oppressed. The dominant class has always imposed its view of the world on others, refusing any other views as they stayed on the top of the social hierarchy. They believed they were superior to any other class in the society and believed they were the elite. All minorities were denied their basic rights of self-determination. As a result, Resistance movements emerged as a must and a necessity for a better life to liberate the society from the hegemonic cultural norms and social structures. Such movements could be found in the literature of the oppressed or in the armed struggle for liberation and freedom; Ghassan Kanafani, a Palestinian writer and critic, …show more content…

It revolves around the African American community in Harlem, New York, but had a profound influence in art, music, literature and social thought. Langston Hughes is the most well-known writer of the Harlem Renaissance. The civil rights movement was the fourth phase. Many African Americans began to migrate during World War I, reaching its high point during World War II. During this Great Migration, Black people fled racism and lack of opportunities in the American South and settled in northern cities like Chicago. Richard Nathaniel Wright and James Baldwin were writers of this phase. The current phase started from 1970 till now. Social and political forces in the black community in the 1960s and 1970s sought to change the way African Americans were defined and treated. The Black Arts Movement sought to change how blacks were represented and portrayed in literature and the arts. African American literature began to enter the mainstream of publishing, and it also began to be read by both black and white audiences. African American literature began to be defined and analyzed. Toni Morrison is the best known writer of this phase; she is a living proof that black women succeeded in this phase as novelists, poets, writers and

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