Fixed Mindset

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1.The Author is Maria Popova and the main theory she poses for the article is “Why presence is more important than praise”, in my own words, I believe it to be why people strive for more in failure than those who believe in fixed success. 2. A fixed mindset is a set thought process that believes our being, personality, wisdom, and talent are all unchanging facts about our life, an inherent birth right. For example, I believe that some artists who create art believe their way is the only way to success. They believe the way they draw or how art is meant to look leaves no room for innovation today, that what can be considered innovation is a lowly doodle/insult. 3. A growth mindset is a progressive mindset that hungers for failure, lessons …show more content…

( The ones with growth mindset tends to do the same things over and over without learning anything new. Voracious (third sentence/paragraph two/page 12) - having a huge appetite or excessively eager. ( By seeking encouragement and guidance and putting it to learning and action as a growth mindset. 10. The main point the article seems to portray is how we think the way we do, what causes us to change our personality or keep our lives static. Both mindsets have pros and cons. It’s not bad to have a static life to preserve who we naturally are and question those who dare to change us, its about the self. Meanwhile, the growth mindset is the thirst for learning, finding meaning in our misgivings giving ourselves ease for what we experience, its change and innovation. 11. Logos- It appeals to the beliefs of how we view and factors to our personality. Fixed mindset is to believe our abilities and talents in a perfect way without showing any weakness. Growth mindset is to recognize their abilities and anybody can be smart if they work hard and …show more content…

With the fixed and growth mindset, the article has made me think of the conflict between the two ideas. Right now, in life, I want to keep a certain order in my daily routine, this comfort bubble that growth desire comes in when I want to find ways to change this and I have been slowly. This conflict I have hinders both parties making it difficult to decide on any revolution. I can only imagine the result being changed if I find some friend who pushes my boundaries, how I am. These types of people would set a bar I myself can’t imagine because it’s happened time and time again. I’ve grown somewhat independent of this for my own well-being, but a helping hand never

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