Persuasive Speech On Cyberbullying

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There is a group of students walking back and forth to classes. No one notices the boy lingering in the hallway. He is your average student with books in his hands, a bag slumped over his shoulders, and a smile on his face to lighten up the day. However, behind that smile, there is neglect, loneliness, and the label of being an outsider plastered on his forehead. No one acknowledged his existence, until his face was broadcast on the local TV channel. He committed suicide and the students finally remember the shy boy from the hallway. Not only did Martin Luther King Jr. organize protests for change, he enforced the change through his powerful voice. He spoke words of integration and equality. Like King, we must learn to find our voice and to do what is right, even if we fear the consequences. Our voice is the only weapon against the brutality in the world. We can start by speaking up against bullying and maybe we could have prevented the boy who committed suicide.
Was there even the slightest chance that the boy who committed suicide could have been saved? Where are the individuals who say enough is enough? Bullying has become a growing issue in our society. In the past, bullying was defined as demanding lunch money from the new kid at school.
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Because technology is rapidly growing, there are bound to be new ways for individuals to bully others on the internet. If the bullying problem continues to be ignored, we will no longer have the next generation to help pull the rest of us from the ditch. When children are bullied extensively, it becomes implanted in their brains and eventually affects their lives as adults. Children would most likely be more violent when they become adults. Many individuals will be hurt in the process if bullying keeps escalating. King wanted peace among the people, not persistent violence. “Knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed. Let us not wallow in the valley of
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