Mary Bethune Role Model

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“They will not let me rest while there is a single Negro boy or girl without a chance to prove his worth.” People feel as though Mary Bethune shaped Florida in a tremendous way. Mary McLeod Bethune believed in higher education. She was an influential leader, politician who promoted human welfare for social reform and civil rights. Mary Bethune is best known for the infamous HBCU Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida, where she was the first president of the school. FL Federation of Colored Women
There are several reasons as to why Mary Bethune was successful in shaping Florida. Mary Bethune was a role model to many African American children, men and women. She laid a foundation for one to believe in a greater purpose within the …show more content…

Mary Bethune fought for racial equality by preparing Negro girls for higher paid salary positions to stimulate black communities. May created programs that taught young black women skill sets for racial uplift for black Americans. She wanted to provide access for equal treatment by joining forces to end segregation and inequality. Mary was the first African American woman to be involved in the White House assisting four different presidents from 1904-1947. This helped the Daytona Literary for Negro girls to teach both academic and practical skills and how to support themselves while they simultaneously strove towards better opportunities. She believed in “getting involved” ergo leaving marks for others to follow in her steps in getting involved. Mary instilled to exercise their right to vote.

Mary proved that you have to have faith in order to make it. Mary’s faith proved that “without faith, nothing is possible, and with it nothing is impossible.” She had faith in having a better tomorrow because of all her accomplishments.

One’s conclusion is that Mary Bethune Cookman help shape Florida today because she had more courage than anyone else. Mary stamped her mark in history with her legacy to improve African American lives. Her passion for higher education led to a higher salaries for African Americans that help stimulate Florida’s economy. Without her legacy Florida cloud has had a slower growth

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