Mary Jones: A Children's Rights Activist

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Do you ever wonder what it was like to live in a time period where children didn’t have basic workplace rights? Mary Jones knew how this felt. She was a labor activist, as well as a children's rights activist. Mary lived during the time when women, workers, children, and slaves fought for their rights. She took risks and always had her eyes set on her goals. She even gained a nickname from miners due to her kindness- Mother. I believe that Mary Jones is similar to many people who fought for their rights and for the rights of others because of her persistence- a trait that all activists must have. Mary showed persistence many times in her life, but one of the first major times in my opinion was when she led the march from Philadelphia to Sagamore Hill, New York. At the time, Mother Jones was seventy-three, yet she still managed to take place in the 125 mile march. What originally started out as nearly three hundred people ended as a mere twenty, Most children had went home due to being too weak to continue. While Mary did stay at hotels sometimes, she showed persistence by not giving up, even when people told her that she wasn’t going to succeed. In paragraph 19 of the excerpt, it says, “Battling heat, rain, and swarms of mosquitoes at night, the marchers arrived in Elizabeth. Socialist…show more content…
Her biography on says,“At the age of 82, she was arrested for her part in a West Virginia strike that turned violent and was sentenced to 20 years. But her supporters rallied and convinced the governor to grant her a pardon. Jones, undeterred, returned to organizing workers.” Even after being arrested, Mother Jones immediately continued fighting once let go- something most normal people wouldn’t do due to being afraid of getting in trouble with the law once again. Mary wasn’t afraid of the government and its power over her- she was willing to take risks in order to achieve her
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