Gothic Elements In Frankenstein Essay

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Nicholas Wilkins Kathelin. Schroder English III 8, December 2016 How Frankenstein is a Gothic Novel The setting of the book most represents a very gothic dark tone and unlivable settings such as the freezing arctic where the monster meets his master. Another reason that the Frankenstein story shows many qualities of a gothic novel, it’s mainly due to the facts that the monster can normally find itself at the center stage during most of the novel. Its grotesque appearance and superhuman abilities make it a very scary creature. The final reason why this story’s gothic, the amount of emotion conveyed to the reader while the story continues, Victor 's family and friends are murdered and the feeling that this caused create big points for the novel. …show more content…

Victor in the very beginning on the novel keeps to himself and mainly characterized by his loneliness due in part because of his desire to complete his work, this causes him to stay away from people for long periods of time staying in solidarity for mass portions of the day . Victor eventually finishes his work but his deeply horrified by the disgusting nature of the creature that he made. His monster does get out of control and kills his younger brother. Victor knows that the monster did this and because of this he feels responsible for the death of his brother and the subsequent death of another. Eventually Victor angers the monster and because of this Victor then loses his friend, wife and father to the hands of the monster. Victor now feeling nothing but sadness and emptiness goes out to hunt the monster down while filled with hate. Victor did not kill his monster but his creation finds Victor deceased body and becomes deeply saddened, almost regretting what he had done. The story of Frankenstein, one of gloomy settings, monster and powerful emotions conveyed by the characters in this book. Because of all these traits this story 's one of a gothic novel and it exemplifies all the traits well to create this story. Victor was in the end the reason that the story 's gothic; mainly by him putting himself in gloomy setting by himself to create his invention the monster, which then got out of hand to kill everyone victor cared about causing him the deepest of sadness

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