Massie And Chirag Date Chapter Summary

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1. Characters- Some of the main characters that appear in this book are Massie, Chirag, Serena, Adam, and Maureen. In most of the book Massie and Chirag date, but after Massie’s accident things aren’t the same. 2. Background- One morning Massie goes out for her usual run. She was not aware that there was going to be a storm that day, so when it started to rain she didn’t think much of it. As she kept running it started lightning. Massie gets severely injured and is in the burn unit in a coma for about 3 months. 3. Motivation- One of Massie’s motivations is to go back to being her regular self. After a while she realizes that she will never be the same, and ends up accepting herself for who she is. 4. Setting- This book starts off in Massie’s neighborhood then very soon proceeds into the burn unit at the hospital. After Massie is allowed to leave the hospital most of the book sets place in her neighborhood and school. …show more content…

Conflict- The main conflict within this book is between Massie and her feelings. By that I mean that throughout the book Massie has to learn how to accept the fact that she had to get a face transplant, and that things won’t be the same. 6. Plot- Massie heads out for a run while it is lightning and gets severely burned. Massie has the option to get a face transplant because parts of her face are literally burned off. Massie starts to realize that things with her and Chirag will never be the same, and decides to break up with him. Adam helps Massie learn how to accept what she is now and not what she was before. Massie goes to her last prom, slow dances with Chirag, and kisses him causing his friend “date” to get mad. 7. Resolution- Massie starts to go to a group and meets this guy named Adam who had to get something (a skin graph on most of his face) similar to what Massie had to get (face transplant). After meeting and becoming friends with him she becomes less self conscious about her accident, and learns how to accept herself for how she is

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