Milo's Struggle In The Phantom Tollbooth

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Basic Situation: Milo is spiritless and finds everything else unengaging, that is until the tollbooth was sent to him and he later finds himself in the Lands Beyond. He then tries to find a way to get back home and faces through many conflicts in the novel The Phantom Tollbooth. Characters: Milo, Tock, The Humbug, King Azaz, The Mathemagician, Princess Rhyme, and Princess Reason are the main characters of the novel. Settings: In The Phantom Tollbooth the setting is placed outside of Milo’s home at first until he passes through the tollbooth into the Lands Beyond. Inciting Incident: At the time while Milo and Tock was sent to the dungeon for breaking plethora of rules that the Officer have caught they encountered an old lady named Faintly Macabre. She then tells Milo and Tock the story of what pulled the two brothers King Azaz and The Mathemagician apart and how the two princesses, Princess Rhyme and Reason got banned from the kingdoms. After the story was told Milo is interested in saving the two princesses from the castle in the sky: “maybe we can rescue them,” said Milo as he saw how sad the Which looked” (Juster 78).…show more content…
‘was another boy just about his age, whose feet were easily three feet off the ground”(Juster

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