Match And Anthem Literary Analysis

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Matched And Anthem Dystopian books are very popular among teenagers right now. Many people may ask why this is. Most likely, this is because teens feel connected to the characters and the way they go through things. you can tell alot about a person by the books they read. Slews of teens would agree that they can relate to the setting or character on a personal level. Numerous dystopian books have characters that are oppressed or feel restricted. A majority of teens would consider themselves to be going through the same thing the characters do. young adults like books that appeal to their life and what's going on in it. Readers like novels that they can relate to. Dystopian books fulfill the readers thirst for an escape from their reality…show more content…
The government controls both of them. Most individuality is lost in the world also. Lots of knowledge is lost in both of the novels. both are set in a futuristic setting. but some things are less modern. Each novel has had a war or a revolution to turn the society or setting into the way it is. The use of paper is mainly lost in both books. Both find their own loves and they find the way they truly want to live their lives. They find out who they are and what they want to be and become and what they want to do in the world. Many teens are trying to find these kinds of things right now. Some do not realize that sometimes it takes people their whole life to find out what they are supposed to do and be in this…show more content…
Teens nowadays feel many emotions and think many thoughts. Some feel trapped and they like to get out by reading books. Young adults can relate to dystopian books a lot more than many other books because the characters in the novels feel the same way as the readers do. Anthem can especially relate to teens because i is about a man who feels trapped in his world and just wants knowledge and to find his own love. He wants what he wants for him not for the good of the society in the book. Readers can also connect to Matched because it is about a teen girl trying to figure out what to do in this world and who she wants to love. It tells of her struggles and what she does to get over them and about defying all the rules and leaving her family along the way. She loses many friends and loved ones and i think this is why teens relate to it so much. As one can see, dystopian books relate to young readers a lot more than other books and this is why they are so
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