Blaise Pascal Contribution To Religion

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Mathematics, Philosophy and Theology: Pascal’s Braid
Throughout history, there have been many great thinkers. They have sprawled among many disciplines, from philosophy to physics. Nevertheless, some of these have made important contributions to many fields at the same time. One of these cases is that of Blaise Pascal, who was deeply influential in mathematics, philosophy and theology. In a sense, one could say that these three disciplines were intertwined in his work. By studying the loftier aspects of the human experience, Pascal was able to bring together probability theory and his worries about the existence of God. As such, his notorious wager was a turning point in philosophy, as it enmeshed infinity, probability, utility and God, so as to provide a rational perspective and justification for the belief in God. Therefore, it is important to study Pascal’s thinking integrally, bringing together his …show more content…

At first, he seems to not have been particularly devout. Nevertheless, he seems to have had a very vivid religious vision, which led to his conversion. He wrote a note of this occasion down on a piece of paper, beginning as such: "Fire. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, not of the philosophers and of the learned” (Pascal). He would carry this around everywhere, as a memorial of this very fateful day. As an important side note, it is significant to mention the distinction that Pascal makes with regards to the two Gods. Before this intense vision, one could find him believing in the God of mathematical infiniteness and wisdom, much as the scholars would. Nevertheless, he finds that he had been visited by the same God as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had. As such, this was not the result of reflection and reason, but of a vivid experience. Therefore, his work on apologetics could be seen as the attempt to understand and diffuse this encounter that he had

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