Matthew Williams Narrative

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Matthew Williams had always hated the alps with its mammoth, misty mountains. It was a place where he felt endangered. The air was cold, and thick. You could not see farther than a few 100 feet due to the heavy fog. Everything was so quiet. You could even hear the mountain lions growling on the opposite end of the mountain if you listened closely. He was a malicious, predatory, Jack Daniels drinker. His friends saw him as a hardened, mysterious man. Despite being a tough, and strong man, something was bothering Matthew. It was the thought of what he had done a few nights ago. Just three days before now, Matthew was approached by a tall, and strange looking young man. Matthew didn't know his name, or anything about his past, yet he could …show more content…

He could not fathom the idea that he had just ended a life. Matthew got up, and checked the pockets of the young man. His driver's license read Richard Donaldson. Matthew knew the man to be Heather Donaldson’s son. Heather and Matthew once were great friends, but had a falling out nearly ten years ago. This was due to the fact that Matthew had offended Heather’s family, calling them poor mannered snobs. Back in the present, Matthew pondered on the events of that night. He knew that Heather would come for him. Since Matthew accidentally dropped his wallet, with a picture of his home in it heather knew exactly where to find Matthew. For this reason, Matthew fled to the alps, hoping that Heather would not find him there. He found a small home in the mountains, where he stayed in hiding for 4 days. On the fifth morning, Matthew woke up, and walked over to the window and reflected on his grand surroundings. The rain hammered down on the mountainous terrain. Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Heather Donaldson. Heather was an angry brute with brown hair and dark blue eyes. Matthew gulped. He was not prepared for

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