Maya Angelou Feminist Analysis

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Hailed as one of the immense voices of contemporary African American writing, Maya Angelou 's scholarly works have created basic and well known enthusiasm for part, since they portray her triumph over unimpressive social impediments, her battle, as a woman, to accomplish an identity and gain self-acknowledgment. Such themes tie Angelou 's writings closely to the concerns of the feminist literary movement. Dr Angelou has additionally been noted for her clear depictions of the strongest ladies throughout her life. Angelou’s one of the most inspiring poems Still I Rise will be one of the texts for analysis. The other three are as follows: Phenomenal Women, Men and Women Work. The four texts show a strong bond of feminism and depict Angelou’s…show more content…
Societal Expectation
Through ancient times, Society has developed a perspective as to what really is the definition of a women or how she should appear. However, this view has changed from a perspective to expectations. Women are promoted to be attractive and thin. They are meant to be model-thin, wear the appropriate clothing and not put on any make-up . These limitations were set free as many women seemed to get inspired by Angelou’s writings. Dr Angelou believes that beauty lies in other features of her body. By declaring her own confidence in her more curvaceous body type, Angelou 's writing serves as an inspiration to the majority of women who don 't fall within the super model classification. As Angelou begins her poem, Phenomenal Women, she quotes, “Pretty Women wonder where my secret lies./ I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size” Angelou comments on the definition of pretty. She puts the perspective of the society and refers back to the societal expectations at that time.She continues the second stanza and quotes,“ And to a man,The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees.” Exploring this quote, Maya depicts that even though, she had a not so feminine body. Men seemed to swarm around her like a hive of honey

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