Mccain Foods Environmental Analysis

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Within our global economy, the environment is constantly changing. Management must account for these uncertainties when planning the strategic direction for their company. Examining the external environment, surrounding an organization will assist leadership in identifying uncontrollable behaviors that may impact operations. External environmental analysis tools assist business in mitigating future threats and leveraging opportunities. This paper will use SLEPT analysis to throughly assess the external environment of McCain Foods, and discuss the strategies followed to overcome the obstacles. External Environment According to Kukalis (2009), corporate social responsibility has become a major concern to stakeholders around the world. The crash …show more content…

when people have more money than time, convenience becomes a priority. McCain responded to this challenge by producing a variety of ready made products ranging from potato wedges, french fries, roasted potatoes, and oven chips. McCain Foods may want to consider the actions of their competitors, as well as, product sales comparisons to see if they are offering too much of a variety. Political On the political front, the United Kingdom has joined the campaign for healthier eating. This has increased the pressure on food suppliers to produce more nutritious items. The government as even started an initiative called "Healthy Schools" to encourage students to make smarter food choices. McCain supports the government's program by reiterating their potato products are healthy and made simple (How McCain responds, 2014). McCains Foods may want to consider forming a partnership with school systems around the United Kingdom to get their products as substitutes on cafeteria menus. They may also consider doing an ad campaign with Jamie Oliver or independently showing support for the government initiative.

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