Stereotypes In Mean Girls

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This analysis will cover a few high school stereotypes that are often portrayed in films. The movie Mean Girls, directed by Mark Walters in 2004, is a film that expresses the common stereotypes of public high schools. This film also portrays a few agents of socialization, such as school, peer groups, friendships, and romantic relationships. Mean Girls follows the story of new girl, Cady Heron, who moves from Africa where she did not have much experience with agents of socialization such as school, peer groups, or romantic relationships due to her parents being zoologists and home-schooling her. On her first day, she is overwhelmed by the experience and the many rules associated with high school order. She learns of the different cliques and how everyone in the school functions together. Fitting in was not so easy for her, though she did make a small group of friends. Soon, her life became chaos and she lost her sense of self when she participated in a “fun” scheme to see what it was like to be a …show more content…

These agents consist of family, friends, peers, and mass media. In the film, family, friends, and peers were covered. Cady Heron’s family raised her isolated from the first world. Because her parents were zoologists, she grew up in Africa among tribes and wild animals. She grew up to be humble and have respect for people and non-material things, such as education and morals. However, as she enters high school, those things begin to fade because she is faced with the expectations of her peers and must do what it takes to fit in. When Cady begins to make herself in the image of a plastic, she acts like a popular girl, she is taking part in the play-stage of George Mead’s theory on how the self develops. Though she is in her teen years and this stage is predicted to take place around age three, there are similarities and often these stages come and go during our

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