Media And The Negative Effects Of Physical And Social Media

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One of the most important negative effects of social media that Emiratis should be aware of is that it causes physical and mental health problems. Some people may say that social media is a good thing and that it helps with communication. According to Ali (2015), social media allows you to communicate easily and effectively with no barriers on an international and worldwide platform. This may be true, these critics may have a valid point. However Emirati health may be in danger due to social media and its negative effects of physical health. To begin with, social media may result in physical health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, and eye problems, some of which are leading causes of death. One serious negative effect of social media Emiratis should be concerned about is
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A study found that the more time people spend on social media the less time they spend on physical activity (Men’s Fitness, n.d) . This was a research that was conducted by 350 college students that were surveyed about physical activity and social media (Men’s Fitness, n.d). Time is a limited resource and people should divide there time wisely. Another study found that social media can be beneficial for self-esteem but it can lead to impulsive unhealthy snacking (Alison, 2013). Another serious negative effect social media can cause is heart disease and diabetes. The amount of time spent on the computer is the major problem where social media is the most popular in the web. According to Alison (2013), spending two hours a day on computers may increase the risk of developing type 2

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