Social Media Make Young People Lonely

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Why do those social medias make young people lonely?

What issues surround network interactivity concerning negative mood?

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This report is going to analysis what concerns young people’s lonely when they use social medias such as Facebook and Instagram, the advantage and disadvantage of using social medias. According to the lecture, research of the University surveys and sample investigation of teenagers, the report will summarize the data and information conclusion to show how teenagers feel disconnected by different aspects. Meanwhile, it also gives the suggestion of overcome the negative effects of social medias.

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Meanwhile, those internet applications change the way people communicating today, even ourselves. The Goldilocks principle is from story called “The Three Bears”: a little girl Goldilocks finds a house which have three bears live in it. Bears have different beds. After considering, Goldilocks chooses one bed which suit her best to sleep. The Goldilocks principle can be a nice standard of the relationship which modern people want to be with each other. People want to control their relationships perfectly, obviously the network interactivity is a tool to control and distribute their energy and emotion. On the other hand, what if the relationship break the Goldilocks principle? In the essay the author Eric J. Moody let university students to do a questionnaire survey about connecting on social medias, the results is that internet communities can let them keep in touch with their distant relatives and friends and that can increase their well-being. However, there have two negative factors about internet communities, one is spending too much time online likely cause difficulties in real social activities, the other one is that when a student has numerous online friends, the online relationships may take place of the real world relationships. To summarize, by the advance technology the online communicating gets popular among millennial. People get used to…show more content…
Certainly, this phenomenon caused many young people feel lonely and disconnected in the real life. Moreover, make teenager feel lonely is not caused by only one single reason. Social medias provide a wild stage to let people share their life and self-promotion themselves, hence the users attract by that and become overweening pride. On the other hand, they feel disappointed to their own life and become painful by viewing others showing off. Nonetheless, social medias are not the one to be blame, in the high technology generation young people lost their self-awareness is also a reason they become fragile and feel isolated. Texting, posting photos and shearing the life experience online is a part of one person’s entire life, it can’t replace the true life so far. Human needs to balance their daily life between the network interactivity and relationship with friends and families. Live at the moment and look forward to the
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