Media Effect On Body Image Essay

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The media portrays the average person as flawless, thin, tall, and beautiful. They advertise products that can help a person achieve what they call “perfection.” They slap photos all over the place, on billboards, magazines, and ads, showing us what a “real” person looks like. The media brainwashes us into believing that we need to meet their standards in order to achieve ultimate beauty and should we stray from the path they pave, we will not be considered beautiful. Our society places too much emphasis on our appearances, forcing many to undergo drastic changes to become “beautiful.” Many people begin to develop issues concerning their body and image. Teenagers, especially, feel the need to conform to society's view of the perfect body. They feel the need to have flawless skin, to be thin, to be tall, and to be perfect. They don't understand …show more content…

More times than not it has a negative impact on the people. They believe that in order to fit in with the crowd, they need to look like the photoshopped models that the media feeds us. Many people develop body image issues that often lead to mental illnesses, like bulimia, and extreme methods, like plastic surgery, to achieve the perfect image. Having acne made it tough for me to feel as if I was pretty. For years I felt awful about my appearance, that there was something wrong with me. Due to the standards set by the media, I felt as if I could never be pretty. As I got older, I began to appreciate my skin and body more. I began to understand that not everyone is perfect and that the people displayed by the media aren’t an accurate representation of an average person. I realized that it doesn't matter what other people think of my appearance. I recognized that as long as I was happy with my image, no one else’s opinion mattered. I didn't need to conform to society's unrealistic standard and that I am perfect the way I am no matter what anyone tells

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