Media Influence On Society

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I have no doubt that the media has a huge effect on the mindsets and beliefs of people that are exposed to it. From advertisements trying to persuade you of how amazing their product are, to kids wanting to be like their favorite super heroes. The media has an enormous influence on people of all ages. While this influence is not always the same among all countries, it is present nonetheless. This makes it an important component in society’s perception of many controversial issues, including mine. As an open lesbian in a country where it isn’t “normal” to be like this, it is not always easy to find someone who doesn’t judge you or who wants to be around you. They have this image in their heads of how we are supposed to be, lesbians are either stone cold b*****s or emotional cry-babies. The same goes for gays, which will be my focus today. People all around the world still see them as super feminine and flamboyant, when in reality they are not always like that. There are dramatic gay men, there are extremely logical gay men, there are non-white gay men. There are gay men who would rather jump off a cliff than get married, there are gay men who have no effeminate qualities whatsoever, and there are gay men who do. Not everything is black and white. In the United States, it is definitely not as bad as it is here, in Turkey. A lot of celebrities and political figures have announced that they support gay marriage, they are fighting for LGBT rights and trying to make it all as
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