Medicaid Community Engagement Specialist

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Part 1: Thinking It Through Paper
As a Medicare Medicaid Community Engagement Specialist, I try to put myself in the shoes of the recipient. For ease of conversation, I attempt to insert an answer to a question that is never asked: Why Medicare and Medicaid recipients rely on Community Engagement Specialist? Typically, after this unanswered question is addressed, the conversation continues with ease.
To answer the question; Why Medicare and Medicaid recipients rely on Community Engagement Specialist; I will engage in a research study the will span Healthcare, Community Health and Health Intervention Engagement Specialist. This information is a self-satisfying quest. Addressing question will also provide me with a new perspective that I …show more content…

The data was extracted by independent research workers that depicts outcomes and activities. As stated within the article “We begin with an examination of our overarching question – whether community engagement interventions improve health-related outcomes. We then look to see whether some approaches to community engagement work better than others, whether they work better in some groups than others, and finally examine the relationships between sample size and outcome reported.” Different approaches and analysis were compared to document the effectiveness of the study. Comparatively, an examination of the affects where a community engagement health intervention was not …show more content…

The Social determinates of the participants are complex. As stated within the article, “Recognizing that community involvement is essential to the identification of health concerns and interventions, community engagement is increasingly recognized as a vital component of efforts to expand access to quality care, prevent disease, and achieve health equity for all Americans.” The publication provides the definition of a community, that expands its boundaries beyond the neighbors within a certain zip code. Community Engagement is the center focus of four case studies. Interestingly, two case studies were successful and two were not successful. All four shared the common denominator of community engagement and the efforts of health promotion

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