Medical Care In Ww2

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World War 2 had a well organized and structured system for evacuation and treatment of the fallen, that had stretched from the frontline foxholes to hospitals here in the United States. Wounded or sick soldiers would be transported from one echelon to another quickly and efficiently as possible. Some conditions often prevented optimal handling. Most of the American Military system provided medical aid and treatment to its personnel. Going from North Africa, the battle line moved up to Sicily, Italy, and to France. For the medical department, the Mediterranean stayed as the “pilot” theater. Medical units that served well in the static warfare of World War 1 were modified or discarded on the basis of their performance. Most of the medical services …show more content…

Plasma was used for any injury with internal and external bleeding. When trying to treat infections for the wounded and ill soldiers, they would end up using an antibiotic. During serious situations when needing a procedure, the nurses can do heart surgeries, organ transplants, and many other operations. Hospitals remained only a total of 12,00 beds. In the late 1940’s, the medical department dispatched an official observer to report on hospitalization and evacuation methods. American medical teams had already helped and been sent in the form of a “contagious disease treatment and control unit.” That’s when they designated the AMERICAN RED CROSS. The first US ARMY MILITARY to England set up in London, on May 19, 1941. The FIRST US Army medical contingents were now about to enter the “European Theater of Operations...” A first medical group was sent to St. John’s, Newfoundland in January. New hospital units were earmarked for special task forces and deployment to North Africa and

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