Medieval Romance In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

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From the words of the internet, the Wife of Bath’s tale is a chivalric or medieval romance, as some of the stories in the book “Canterbury Tales” were about the Arthurian romance. Some elements of the said romance manifest themselves in the tale, despite the fact that some parts of the story are opposite of what the aspects of medieval romance. Like for example, one of the elements say that the story contains an idealized hero-knight. When we think of a knight, the words “loyal”, “justice”, “manners” and “bravery” follow immediately. In the story though, the knight is introduced when he rapes a young woman, thus breaking the honor code of a hero knight. It first mentions of a wise and just leader, in the story it is King Arthur. The knight of the story committed the crime of rape, in which King Arthur immediately decides the consequence to this terrible deed. Although his wife, Queen Guinevere, is able to intervene on behalf of the knight, it is no doubt that …show more content…

The gods were involved during the battle between Arcite and Palamon. Palamon prays to Venus so that he will win Emily’s love. Arcite prays to Mars so that he will win the tournament. Emily prays to Diana so that she will remain a virgin; yet after saying that she must marry one of the cousins Emily decided to obey. Meanwhile, both men have received positive signs, with Saturn saying that Arcite will win the tournament but Palamon will win Emily’s hand in marriage. When Arcite wins the tournament, Saturn sends a fury from hell, causing Arcite to fall off his horse and become mortally injured. In the Wife of Bath’s tale, perhaps it is fate who sent the knight to the old hag. It was the old hag who taught the knight a lesson about women and their

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