Meet You In Hell: Andrew Carnegie And Henry Clay Frick

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During the Gilded age in, two men were the dominant force driving big industry in America. These men were Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick. These men started out life as a part of the poverty cycle in America, but rose to the top of their own industries and were worth a vast amount of money before their deaths. While both men had differing senses of leadership, a partnership was formed which turned them into giants among the industrial world and both men’s strong business strategies are still influencing companies today.
In Les Standifords novel, Meet You in Hell, the author begins by setting the scene of a sickly Andrew Carnegie, eighty-three years of age, writing a letter requesting a meeting with Frick. The letter was hand delivered to Frick who …show more content…

15). In order for the reader to understand Frick’s reaction, the author to begins divulging the details of what had made Frick and Carnegie enemies. Standiford writes about how Carnegie had hired Frick to run his steel company for him. Carnegie was essentially using Frick so that he had to opportunity to travel to his other estates around the world while Frick was still here in America dealing with the nitty-gritty of running his operations. This underhanded move by Carnegie shows his true colors of manipulation; but it is not his only display of this sly nature.
After the partnership had been established, there were several instances that stressed the relationship between the two business-men and would ultimately lead to them never speaking

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