Mein Kampf Rhetorical Analysis

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In the autobiography Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, he expresses his political ideologies and strategies in ruling over millions of people. He mostly reveals his perspectives on racial matters, asserting that the Aryan race is dominant over any other ethnic groups. Although Adolf Hitler’s statements successfully convinced and appealed to almost all the people in the Germanic nation, his arguments, however, are undoubtedly loaded with logical fallacies. In Chapter 11 of the autobiography, Hitler mainly focuses on his notions regarding racial superiority. He strongly believes that the Aryans are supreme in social and racial position by saying that even the “Nature” proves this assertion. Hitler contends, “Every animal mates only with a member of …show more content…

He attests, “All the human culture, all the results of art, science and technology… exclusively the creative product of the Aryan. This very fact admits… he alone was the founder of all higher humanity” (Hitler 305). Not only he overgeneralizes his statement by saying that “all” results are created by the Aryans, he also makes his argument illogical as it falls into a fallacious appeal to ignorance. Hitler only provides general and inconclusive evidence but not specific examples, such as the particular product of science and art that the Aryans truly created. He conclusively eliminates the other races and their contributions from the discussion to deceit his audience into believing that the Aryans furnished “all” the ideas that led to the improvements of what he calls “culture” and other mentioned fields. He aims to suggest and make his people accept that the Aryan race must be praised as the highest degree of humanity for all the scientific and cultural outcomes they supposedly …show more content…

Ironically, his followers, and the race that he thought is competent and is above all the others, did not question Hitler’s teachings and did not consider whether he provided enough and logical evidences to maintain his points. They just supported him because their sense of trepidation was threatened, or perhaps they could not recognize the irrationality of his beliefs. Either way, Hitler still successfully inveigled millions of people into conforming to his ideologies, which unfortunately urged them to favor the idea of maltreating other non- Aryan races, specifically of the Jewish

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