Melania Trump's Speech Analysis

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Melania Trump, United Nations Speech
Melania Trump is our nation’s first lady. On Wednesday September 20, 2017 she had the privilege of speaking at the United Nations General Assembly. Melania devoted much of her speech with regards of our children, “who ultimately suffer the most from the callings that plague our societies.”(Melania Trump) Would you say she spoke from her heart? Do you feel she touched the lives of all whom were in attendance? In this analysis, I will attempt to interpret her speech and project the way it was meant to be understood.
Melania Trump is a successful business woman, mother, and wife. She donates much of her time to charities and is involved in many organizations. In her United Nations speech she speaks with
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She speaks very humbly and from her heart. Speaking to the public, it’s very easy to gain appreciation and understanding when your main focus is children. She uses words such as, innocent, and vulnerable, to catch the hearts of viewers. When Melania describes teaching our children, she often uses the terms we, our, everyone, us. etc.; she speaks as one nation. She speaks to let everyone know, it’s all of our responsibility to teach our children. It doesn’t matter if they are not “real” family. “When we join together as parents, caring for children wherever they live, in our own families, across the street, across the nation, or across the globe, we claim our responsibility to the next generation to ensure they are prepared to accept the torch of leadership for the world of tomorrow. And make no mistake, this will always begin with us coming together to embrace parenthood’s noble calling. Nothing could be more urgent nor worthy a cause than preparing future generations for adulthood with true moral clarity and responsibility.” (Melania Trump) Melania touches on bulling towards the end of the speech. Bullying has, and is a large problem, all around the world. Melania simply states the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. She encourages us to follow this rule and our children/ society will become and grow to be

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