Advantages And Disadvantages Of Melatonin

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Melatonin - useful The prescription of melatonin in children and adolescents has slowly increased over the past decade. The appropriateness of this has repeatedly been questioned in the press, since melatonin by Apoteket classed as hypnotics. In an article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet January 9, 2013 performed a known sleep physicians additionally claim that melatonin can interfere with sexual development if given to children. Both the doctor and the responsible medical editor has refused to deny this false rumor, although they have current references that show that they are wrong. Given all the parents who are unnecessarily worried and perhaps even stopped giving their children melatonin, I want this text to give my view of …show more content…

It is the property giving rise to the term hormone. Upon the discovery of melatonin in 1958, it was also in tallkottkörtlar of mammals were found there, and the long time it was thought that it was only in vertebrate tallkottkörtlar. This meant that the term hormone was close at hand. melatonin has many features that distinguish it from classical hormones : - It is also produced in many other organs like the eye, bone marrow, intestine and skin. As soon as the melatonin produced, it is released into the circulation. The pineal gland is therefore without the storage function as genuine hormonal glands have. Long-term intake of melatonin does not result in any reduction of tallkottkörtels production, which is the rule for genuine hormones. - Melatonin is found in all living organisms, in greater amounts in many foods. During the intake of these are melatonin in the body. The fourth point is that melatonin nutritionally could be classified as a vitamin, that is an organic, vital substance which can be supplied from the diet when the body 's production is

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