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When Michael Jordan retired from the NBA, he went down in the history books as the greatest basketball player ever. Most NBA analysts say that Jordan is the best basketball player ever, while others believe that he is tied with other players for that title. Most believe Jordan is the best because of his defensive player of the year award, many offensive achievements, and finals win percentage. In Jordan’s first few seasons, people criticized him for being a one dimensional player. One year Jordan decided that he would work on his defense. Many critics wanted him to have a weakness, because without one, he would be unstoppable. Instead of Jordan becoming an okay defender, he became the best defender that year. Not only did he get better defensively, …show more content…

He played like a gazelle with a heart of a lion, with his trademarked fashionable basketball shoes, and his tongue out, he changed the game. Jordan was so good that one night he played with the flu and still scored thirty plus points. He achieved ten scoring titles in his playing career and also won five MVP awards. Known as “his airness”, he was the king of the NBA. The 1990’s was known as the Jordan era for the simple fact that Jordan reigned as king for most of those years. 1991-1993 Jordan’s team (Chicago Bulls) won the NBA finals back to back to back, which is now known as a three peat. He retired for one and a half years only to come back to win three in a row with the Bulls. Michael Jordan has the best NBA finals record with 100%-win percentage in the finals. The biggest reason why he is the greatest of all time is because of how successful he was at winning when needed his team needed him the most. Whether or not Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time is controversial. There are many players who impacted the NBA, but none did it as well as Michael Jordan. There are few people said to be as great as him, but even those people have acknowledged that he’s the greatest to ever play. Because of his many accomplishments and scoring titles, Michael Jordan will go down in history as the greatest player in

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