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Joshua Le Professor Salcedo English 101C 7 December 2015 The GOAT It is without a doubt that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time when it comes to basketball. His brand, Air Jordan, carries his legacy as it is known worldwide as the icon for basketball. Almost anyone can recognize the brands logo, the stick figure rising for a dunk with its legs spread out. Whether it's sneakers, clothing or even items such as jewelry, the Air Jordan brand has taken over the market for athletic sportswear. Air Jordan has created a culture of collecting shoes and became a lifestyle for many. The world famous basketball brand has had many controversies throughout its years. The huge controversy of the creation of the first sneaker and violence over Air …show more content…

Walking into any sports store, the shelves will be filled with Nike brand and it’s basketball subsidiary Air Jordan sneakers and products. For decades, the Air Jordan brand has came out on top in sales against competitors. But, during its early years, Nike was struggling because their sales were slowly dying. At the time Michael Jordan was a rookie and was introduced to the brand in the hopes of him signing a deal to join Nike and put them back on top. Michael Jordan himself, was already gaining media attention for his act on and off the court. He was known to be a huge trash talker, Jordan used “psychological warfare” as many players have described it. He would try to get in their heads using harsh insults. Parents didn’t want a player like this to be their kid’s role model. Despite this, their decision to approach a young basketball player for a partnership would quickly prove not be a mistake. The first Air Jordan sneaker was produced in that same year he was signed in a red and black colorway to match the Chicago Bulls uniform. This was a highly controversial move and gained media attention quickly because at the time, the NBA’s rule were to wear white sneakers on the court. He wore the shoes anyway, and each game he played with them on he would be fined five thousand dollars. Nike took advantage of the situation and used it as a promotional tool for advertisements. The sneakers were so good, that the NBA had to …show more content…

It starts at a young age where aspiring basketball players want to become the next Michael Jordan. They look up to him, and he is their idol. Although it may seem foolish, but they feel as wearing Jordan’s shoe will make them play better. I still remember begging my parents as a child for a pair of Air Jordans so I could improve my playing. Air Jordan has such a huge following that it created a culture and even lifestyle for some. Sneaker fanatics or also known as “sneakerheads” are people who buy, sell, trade, and collect sneakers, the most popular kind being Air Jordans. They sleep, dream, and live on the arrivals of the latest shoe. Throughout the course of over 30 years, Air Jordan has designed over a thousand different styles of shoes and colorways and has dominated the sneaker market. Millions of different pairs of Air Jordans have been sold to kids, adults, and even babies. The pairing of Nike and Jordan has turned the company into a cultural icon. There are many events where sneakerheads go to buy, sell and trade their shoes. A big one called, Sneaker Con, is one of the biggest, having such rare shoes displayed, that a single pair can cost upwards to $30,000. After seeing this huge number, you can see how people can make livings off the shoes. These die hard fans of the Air Jordan brand are taking love of the sneakers to a whole ‘nother level. They will

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