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In just a few years there are going to be limited because of the new app called Uber. Taxi driver have evolved a lot over many years starting from a small business to this big industry that it is now. Many people put their hard earned money in these companies and it took many years to get a profit after putting up to $20,000 into the businesses to get it started. You need many cabs or cars have to hire drivers and pay workers so in just a little time in a high pedestrian area you will easily makes a profit. There are many video games based off the simulation of being a taxi driver this job is very hard for some people. Many motor companies finance these companies because they will always need them in the future and when everything gets …show more content…

He is the wealthiest individual for 16 of the past 21 years. Being the co-founder of of Microsoft you would see why he is so wealthy because microsoft gets many updates and still growing until this day. Many people who own businesses use this software for many things. There is many different types of things microsoft has such as: Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word , and Project. From when he was younger he showed interest in computer software but he spent all of his free time creating programs on a terminal computer. He went on to create Microsoft and develop the Windows operating system. Also started a foundation named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, even though most people would just buy a lot of things with all of the money he give most of his money to charity and trying to find a way to reduce poverty. He have donated over $28 billion to his foundation to reduce poverty this foundation grows bigger by the year. All of these famous entrepreneurs all had to lose money to get to where they was and it took hard work not a thing was given to them to get to where they is today. They still don't stop working just because they are wealthy they must continue to work and keep their business

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