Mind Over Muscle Analysis

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Within modern day society males and females are given the same educational opportunities, the way in which these opportunities are taken is what determines how males and females ought to be treated and thought of by society. Throughout the last century, there has been the identification of superior intellectual levels between males and females, these levels of intelligence are connected to prestige, gender identification and academic success. In “Mind Over Muscle” by David Brooks, the age of information has incorporated the intellectual difference between the sexes by displaying women as more academically efficient than their male counterpart.
Throughout history women have been view by society, well by men, as incompetent, uneducated individuals …show more content…

Women have been displaying similar aspects as they all demonstrate their potential to absorb all the information they can within schools, and use said information effectively. For instance, within the passage “Mind Over Muscle” it was stated “There are debates about why women have thrived and men have faltered. Some say men are imprisoned by their anti-intellectual machismo…”. It is evident the difference between women and men are their willingness and determination to actually learn, as mean see learning as unnecessary when is comes to pure physical strength. This in turn exploits how men view themselves, basically showing that they aren’t capable of grasping the subject at hand as effectively as women due to the fact that their masculinity intervenes with the capability to learn. Women however, have no sense of masculine pride to prove themselves to society, but rather they primarily focus on what is valuable, in which this case is knowledge and academic success. In addition, it had also been stated that “In most countries, and in nearly all developed countries, women are graduating from high school and college at much higher rates than men...We conclude that the issue is far less driven by a nation's culture than it is by basic differences between males and females in the modern world.''. It is clearly stated that culture has nothing to do with the level of education women have on men, but rather it is caused by the mere fact that men are men and women are women. What this means is that men are unable to fully comprehend the material they are learning as a result to their own mind, the mind of a man differs in many ways than that of a woman's. Simply put, a modern day man would be much easily distracted by just about anything while a woman would contain more focus and be willing to stay still and pay

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