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For my survey project, I chose to talk about whether or not it is a good idea to raise the minimum wage. My goal for my research is to prove that it is a bad idea to raise it. While it is convenient for minimum waged workers to get paid more, it would not be for the rest of us. It would result in everything becoming more expensive. My main focus is on keeping the minimum wage at its current value, nine dollars. Handing out the surveys was not a big problem for me. Out of the thirteen people I asked, two people said no. One was in a hurry because he was late for class and the other was on her way to the bathroom. But besides that, approaching the students about taking the survey was a piece of cake. I walked around the quad multiple times until I targeted …show more content…

62% of the students I surveyed agreed with statement #4 that the minimum wage should be raised, 23% disagreed and the other 15% had no opinion. Also, 62% of the students agreed with statement #5 that an increase in the minimum wage would reduce employment, whereas the other 15% of students disagreed and 23% had no opinion. Not only that but 69% of students also agreed with statement #7 which stated that there is a difference between the minimum wage and the living wage, whereas 8% disagreed and the other 23% had no opinion. I found it odd that there were more than half of the people who support the increase but the majority of people agreed that it would also lessen the employment rate. It seems to me that most LAMC students support the minimum wage being raised. However, they are aware of the many downsides that come along with the increase. This leads me to believe that they want minimum wage workers to get better pay, their only hesitation is whether or not it would actually reduce employment or cause job loss. My conclusion is that the economy is not financially stable enough to increase the amount of every worker that gets paid minimum

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