Minorities In Ww2 Research Paper

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Minorities role in WW2
All United States citizens were equally subjected to the drafts in WW2 but their importance and roles in the war and military were glossed over. About 10 Percent of minorities lacked rights but half a of the minority population was drafted (UShistory). There are many people that gained recognition and other who didn’t. Movies were even made about certain that changed the course of the war people but they were whitewashed by hollywood. Here are some of the important minorities and their struggles during World War II.

During the majority of WW2 the united states military was segregated . White United States soldiers have been fighting alongside Black soldiers for hundreds of years.
This includes
(1)The war
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Early Life
The main way for you to understand how big of a role minorities played in WW2 is to talk about some the first being a mexican american soldier by the name of Guy Gabaldon. He grew up in L.A in a diverse neighborhood with Latino, Japanese and armenian families.(PBS) Two of his closest friend were japanese they hung out all the time up the U.S government sent thousand of japanese families into internment camps.Instead of spending his 17th birthday at the local bowling alley he decided to join the army.(PBS)
Military Life Guy Gabaldon didn’t meet many of the requirements to be in the military but he sweet talked his way in saying he could speak japanese.In reality he could of speak and understand a few pharses.They arrived in one of the small japanese islands Saipan,at 8:43 am(PBS).All around him he saw dead bodies and he froze, not because he was scared but because he thought”I don’t belong here”.(PBS) So he walked away from his group. He came back with 6 Japanese prisoners the officer in charge said good job but don’t walk away again. Later that night he went back out with some ammo. in his pocket and came back with 12 prisoners this time.The officer in charge wonder how he was getting all these prisoners.(PBS)The answer is simple Guy Gabaldon who at 18 year of age captured over 1,000 Japanese soldiers because he was bluffing. He would find out where they were hiding and say things like “we have bombs surrounding you either come out of we will blow you
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