Mission Statement For The Montrose Police Department

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I chose the mission statement for the agency where I work, the Montrose Police Department. On our department’s website, the Mission Statement is not present. Each employee was issued the mission and vision statement on a card and reads as the following

Montrose Police Department Mission Statement
The Montrose Police Department is committed to serving the public through integrity, accountability, teamwork and respect.
Core Values
Integrity Accountability Teamwork Respect
Safer Community, Customer Service, Better Trained/ Educated Officers, Fiscal Responsibility, Dedication to the Department and Community, Accountability. The central focus of the mission is the “committed to serving the public.” I have been with the department long enough to have experienced a transition of the Chief of Police. Once the new chief took office he made numerous changes to include the …show more content…

Commitment is defined as a promise to do something, a promise to be loyal to someone or something, or the attitude of someone who works very hard to do something or support something (Merriam - Webster, 1603.) All that follows after commitment, one can rely of the fact that the department is committed in all aspects of their charge of duties. By that, meaning the following language, the department is committed in each of the values within the statement.
The mission addresses the components of an effective mission statement as follows;
Customer Market by stating the department as a whole is committed to the “geographical domain” of the City of Montrose in all of the services provided, while producing a quality “services or product”, with preventing and solving crime, using all available resources to include new “technology”, while holding the highest level of integrity holding all accountable with “concern for public image/ survival” for actions both internal/external, through teamwork and respect (Pearce & Robinson,

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