Mitch Albom Talks On Analyzing Morrie's Story

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1.When Mitch tells us Morrie’s story he doesn’t talk to us about him from start to finish, he talks about his time with him.

We only get to learn a fraction of Morrie’s story, yet we all can be impacted. If we apply the lessons he taught about family, giving, and being selflessness, we can find the meaning in life. As Morrie was slowly dying of ALS, he spent his life with family and friends. Morrie always seemed to enjoy talking and listening to company, even if he was dying. He taught when others, when he was tired or weak. Morrie helped others and never thought of himself. Even though we only get a fraction of Morrie’s story, we can tell Morrie lived a meaningful life.

2.What stands out to you about the way Mitch Albom makes us want to listen to him? …show more content…

The audience is drawn in by Mitch because he make us laugh. Without a little humor in the speech, we would not pay close attention. When a speaker tells us a joke, we begin to listen. Also, when others laugh, we are drawn in because we want to know what was funny. When Mitch tells a joke, we want to listen.

We listen to Mitch because he has a valuable lesson. Throughout the speech we are reminded multiple times that we need to give. He gives the example of always taking the newest version of a car. It seems the world is focused on what are car the have, and always want to take the newest version. All we do in the world is take, but the only way we achieve a life worth living is if we give. Mitch makes it evident that he wants us to give, to make a better world. When some wants us to achieve greatness, we listen.

3.Mitch has a way of bringing Morrie to life - how does he do

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