Moana Film Analysis

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The movie Moana directed by Ron Clements and John musker is about a Polynesian teenage girl named Moana voiced by Auli’l cravalho. In the movie, she tries to save her island from an evil plague that is killing her islands trees, ocean, beach, and resources. On her voyage to saving her island, she encounters a villain who is the reason her island is being destroyed by the plague his name is Maui voiced by Dwayne Johnson. Together they set out to defeat an even greater cause and save the island. The setting is on an island called Motunui plays Moana. In this scene, the camera distance is at a fixed stable medium body shot from her waist up. The lighting is a natural light coming from the sun top right…show more content…
The plot was familiar because the villain helps hero. What was new about the plot was they fought a tree monster. The movie reminded me of Pocahontas because of how Moana looks and how her parents do not want her to leave the island. A feeling I experienced was joy and happiness watching this movie. The film made me think about how grateful I should be that my parent are like Moana and how they want the best for me. The work changed my view of the world and myself because it is dangerous in the world and I should dream big like Moana. Also the filmmaker was trying to give the idea that a person can conquer anything that society throws at them. In addition, that you should always strive to be different. Some symbols in the movie are Maui’s tattoos, his tattoos represent everything he has did in his life. Another symbol was when Moana’s grandmother died her spirit transformed into a stingray because her grandma always loved stingrays. The main characters Moana and Maui represent hope for their island. The title “Moana” represents Moana as a hero. Moana ended up saving her island but faced some problems on the journey. My frame represents the problem of her parents not wanting to her to go in the ocean, but stay home and become a princess. The techniques in the movie changed my view from looking at it
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