Modern Art And Modernism

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Modernism became more popular during the Industrial revolution. The end of Queen Victoria’s reign was a huge inspiration for the new movement to rise, because it symbolised the end of an era. The discoveries like Einstiens theory of spactial relativity also opened up oppurtunties for the way things worked to shift around. More people were also moving to the cities for jobs due to machinery taking over hard labour on farms in the country. The old traditions of art was also thought to be no longer the trend and was done away with to make room for new styles of fine art, architecture and literature. This was a movement that rejected realism and was more inspired by self-conciousness. Modernism consists of a few movements, for example; Symbolism, Futurism, Surrealism, Expressionism, Abstraction, Art deco, etc. Explaining a few of the art movements; Abstraction was investigating, disconnecting, and selecting before distilling the real meaning of events. Futurism was more focused on politics and artistic research. Expressionism was when personal feelings about the object painted was conveyed, rather than the observation of the object. Modernists were trying to break away from the Victorian Era, it was a new era and they wanted to create their own history. An example of a well known modernist painter is Vincent van Gogh, who used the style of Neo-Impressionism. Neo- Impressionism involves not mixing the paint together either on a palette or on a canvas but by creating a mixture of

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